Middle School BPA - Michigan Chapter

Competitive Events

Middle Level Competitive Events

Important Information: Students may enter up to TWO Regular (non-open) Events, only one of which may be a team event. Students may take as many Open Events as time allows at the conference. Davenport University will be providing computers and projectors that may be used for events.  Students are encouraged to bring their presentation on a flash drive and e-mail themselves their presentation for back-up purposes.

Financial Literacy - To develop a basic understanding of finance and accounting skills. Topics include an understanding of checking and savings accounts, debits and credits, credit cards, budgets, etc.

Business Math Concepts – Open - To develop a basic understanding of personal and business-related math skills.

Keyboarding Production - Evaluate entry-level skills in keyboarding and document production.

Spreadsheet Applications - Contestants will enter and format data, enter and copy formulas, and print full documents or cell contents.

Administrative Support Team - The team will function as an office staff to produce a variety of business documents.

Business Communication Skills Concepts – Open - To develop skills in business communications, including spelling rules, correct spelling of often used business words and correct use of grammar.

Computer Literacy Concepts – Open - To develop a basic understanding of computer terminology related to operating system, hardware components, software applications and digital citizenship.

Web Site Design Team - The team will work together to create a Web site based on the provided topic.

Introduction to Video Production Team - Create a one-minute video production based upon the assigned topic.

Graphic Design Promotion - Develop a theme, illustrate the theme in a logo design, and then utilize the logo in a promotional flyer.

Presentation Management Team - Assess use of current desktop technologies and software to prepare and deliver an effective multimedia presentation.

Prepared Speech - To provide the student an opportunity to demonstrate communication skills in securing, arranging, organizing, and orally presenting information.

Extemporaneous Speech - Demonstrate communication skills in arranging, organizing, and presenting information orally and effectively without prior knowledge of the topic.

Entrepreneurship Exploration - To encourage students to have a better understanding of the American free enterprise system, contestants will conduct research on an independently owned local company and a national franchise company in the automotive industry. Contestants will meet with management from one locally owned and one nationally franchised company to gather research in preparation for their research paper, oral presentation, and response to questions from a panel of judges. The automotive industry could include areas such as detailing, services and repair, sales, marketing and insurance.

Business Fundamentals Concepts – Open - To develop an overall familiarity to basic business knowledge skills.